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The Legend of Drak'onia

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1 The Legend of Drak'onia on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:58 pm


So, as I just made the role playing board, I decided to also make the first role playing topic. Here's how it works,


Deep down beneath the castle walls of Drak'onia, lies a crystal, the shape of a diamond, yet color of the blood spilled outside the walls. Some believe its their duty to protect it, others to steal it, and others believe it just doesn't exist. Your destiny, your choice.

Character Sheets



Protector; Your duty is to protect the crystal, you use many heals, as well as shields.
Thief; You must be careful and stealthy while trying to steal the crystal.
Commoner; You do not believe in the crystal, your day goes on and on.
Soldier; You do not know if their is or is not a crystal, you take orders from the Chief.

How To Make A Sheet
Get a picture, and make a name, as well as post the application here. Then take the picture url and your name and class and go to your profile, go to Character Sheets, and paste in the URL, then Your name/class. like such,



Then save it!
My Sheet

Name: Bafoon Zealot
Age: 19
Class: Protector
Description: A big scruffy dwarf, Who uses guns as well as shields.

The sun soaked the small village of Oathenville, outside of Drak'onia. Bafoon woke up and stretched, he slipped his armor on, and walked outside.

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