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Rules! Read before posting!

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1 Rules! Read before posting! on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:56 pm


Here are the rules, kiddies, please follow them, each rule is followed by a consequence for not following it.

1.) Flaming;

This is the biggest rule, NO FLAMING. We're here to have a good time, not get into a silly little internet fight with some guy your probably never going to see in real life, if you flame, The admins and moderators here at SummerForever will not take it easily.

The consequence for; Flaming is the folliwng:
Like I had said, we DO NOT take this easily, you will be given an instant warning as well as a mute for the rest of the day. If you do it again, you are instantly ip-banned.

2.) Using foul language;

We are here to have a good time, if cursing is going to do that, then go right ahead, just dont use it to an extreme extent, for example: Dude, this fucking game called World of Warcraft is the fucking bomb, its the fucking best fucking game in the whole mother fucking world, you have to fucking play it! Thats going a bit overboard. You also cant use it agaisnt someone, for example: DUDE! THAT IDEA FUCKING SUCKS!

The consequence for; Using foul language is the following;

If its to to bad like the above, we will give a mute until further notice.

3.) Spam;

SPAM IS NOT ALLOWED! If you even try and spam us you are not just plain stupid, your an idiot. We will delete the topic or topics, and instantly IP-ban you. Not fun.

The consequence for; Spam is the following;

Ip ban.

4.) Not having fun;

Oh come on! ^.^

The consequence for; Not having fun is the following;


Thank you! And PLEASE have a good time!
- The SummerForever Team

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